Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fun With Pom Poms // Let's Make A Cupcake...

Can't bake to save yourself? Then THIS is a recipe for you! Make this little sweetie for a gift or something for the play kitchen for the kids. It's really simple and only takes a few ingredients.

Pom Pom Cupcake Recipe  

You will need:

One medium to large Pom Pom
A small bowl
Cupcake patty cake
Hot glue gun
6 Mixed bright yarns (for the sprinkles)
Small yellow feather
Hard plastic straw


First step is to place a good amount of glue in the bottom of the patty case. Then place your pom-pom into the patty case on top of the glue, pressing down firmly.

Using your scissors take the 6 bright colour yarns, cut a 10cm length of each colour. Grab the bowl and hold the lengths of yarn together, close to the ends (in a bunch), snip the yarn ends to make your sprinkles (around 0.5cm in length). Add a good dash of glitter to the bowl with the wool sprinkles, mixing well. The pom-pom and glue should be secure and dry in the patty case, now it's time to decorate your 'cupcake'.

Have your bowl of 'wool sprinkles' and glitter close, you'll need to do the next step quickly. Take the hot glue gun and drizzle some glue over the top of the cupcake, then quickly dip your cupcake into the bowl of sprinkles and glitter (the glue will dry pretty fast) pressing down firmly. (Note: the glue probably won't stick the wool sprinkles to the pom-pom, mostly just the glitter. The wool sprinkles will hold themselves to the pom-pom, but they will easily pull off, so handle with care). 

Your cupcake is looking pretty, ..... now for the candle!

Take your straw and measure it next to your cupcake to get the right height for your candle. (The height of the cupcake plus the candle extension). Cut the straw and carefully push the straw through the centre of the pom-pom, cut end down. Now add a small amount of glue to the stick of your feather and quickly place it into the straw to create a flame effect.

That's it! You're done. One sweet little pom-pom cupcake for the kids to play with at their playtime picnics or give it to a friend on their birthday as a 'guilt free' pleasure.

(Note: I wouldn't recommend this for a child under 4 years. Other than trying to eat it, they may pull it apart rather quickly).

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  1. Love this idea Bec, so cute! You are so creative x

  2. Oh my goodness, that's ADORABLE Bec. My girls will love having a go at this one (and me helping them!) x

    1. Thanks Bron. School holiday FUN! hope you All give it a go :) x

  3. I want to make these for myself!!! This is so cute Bec xx

  4. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love it!

  5. These are too cute, I want one for my birthday!

    1. You should! make a whole cupcake stand worth :) xx

  6. Replies
    1. Right! need to make a few different flavours ;) xx

  7. Thanks for sharing wonderful recipe of cupcakes with us. Thanks for sharing such a nice post here with us.


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